• Thomas Tolbert Rockwell + ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(unknown)‎

Children  ‎(5 children)‎
Jesse Rockhold
B 6 October 1781 25 Harford Co., MD
D after 1859 ‎(Age 77)‎
John Rockhold
B about 1782 25
William Rockwell
B about 1783 26
• Thomas Tolbert "Top" Rockwell Jr
B 25 August 1790 34 Harford Co., MD, USA
D 5 April 1875 ‎(Age 84)‎ Morgan Co., WV, USA
Mary Rockhold
B about 1807 50 PA, USA

Parents Grandparents
• Thomas Tolbert Rockwell
B 12 March 1756 47 34 Harford Co., MD
D 22 October 1833 ‎(Age 77)‎ Morgan Co., VA, USA
• John Rockhold
B between 1709 and 1717 Baltimore Co., MD
D 1786 ‎(Age 77)‎
• Elizabeth Elinor Talbot
B 30 October 1721 43 Baltimore Co., MD
D Date Unknown

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The Virginia Rockholds changed their name to Rockwell following Thomas Tolbert's generation.

Thomas Tolbert Rockhold/Rockholt moved from Maryland to Morgan County, Virginia, possibly in the wake of the War of 1812. Curiously, he did nottake his 8 children, but had two younger children, a boy and a girl, and a 26-45 year old woman in his family in Virginia.

This boy may have been John Rockwell, born ca. 1812. John consistently reported his birthplace as Virginia, so the move may have been prior to Sarah ‎(Clawson)‎ Rockford's death.

Alternatively, John may have been adopted, most likely from a close relative. Thomas Sr. may have been John Rockwell ‎(1812)‎'s grandfather.

There are two Clawson families listed in the 1810 Berkeley, Virginia Census.