Walter L. Benjamin  ‎(I1031)‎
Given Names: Walter L.
Surname: Benjamin

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 14 August 1890 38 36 Ford Co., IL, USA
Death: Date Unknown
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 14 August 1890 38 36 Ford Co., IL, USA

Death Date Unknown

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Parents Family  (F524898125)
George Wilson Benjamin
1852 - 1934
Maria Elizabeth Rockwell
1854 - 1943
Arthur Ray Benjamin
1877 - 1969
Rinnie Mabel Benjamin
1882 - 1953
Walter L. Benjamin
1890 -

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1900 IL Census
Citation Details:  Ford Co.

1910 IL Census
Citation Details:  Ford Co.

Benjamin/Rockwell Bible and inserts
Publication: Owned by Robert W. Benjamin of Phoenix, Arizona. The Bible is the Benjamin Bible. The bible was published in 1873 and there is an inscription that it was bought by GW Benjamin in 1881. There are three inserted pages of Rockwell history recording John J. Rockwell, his wife Nancy Ann Potter, and their ten children. The last entry records the death of William Rockwell in 1918, although following this entry on the Deaths page is a synopsis of the death dates prior to William's and a repeat of the 1918 death date of William. Many of the dates in this bible are not known to be recorded elsewhere.
Benjamin/Rockwell BibleBenjamin/Rockwell Bible

Type: Photo

Show Details Note: The inserted pages of Rockwell history were maintained from about 1848-1850 ‎(there is a break in hands between those dates on the births page)‎ and 1918, the date of the last entry.

In 1850 the John J. Rockwell family was in Morgan Co., VA ‎(now WV)‎. The first hand is very neat and practiced. Ann Potter is marked as illiterate in the 1850 census, so John J. is the most likely author, except this hand bears no similarity to his signature on his 1834 marriage certificate, which is much rougher. Perhaps it was one of the older boys - Peter or Edward - who were 16 and 14 in 1850. The first hand uses the construction eg "March the 17 1848" for dates, perhaps indicative of youthful inexperience. The second hand, commencing in 1850, uses a similar construction, and may be the same hand as the first with a year or two more education. A biographical sketch of Peter mentions his preparation in a log schoolhouse in Morgan county.

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Family with Parents
George Wilson Benjamin
Birth 1 January 1852 24 22 Licking Co., OH, USA
Death 23 February 1934 ‎(Age 82)‎ Paxton, Ford Co., IL, USA
3 years
Maria Elizabeth Rockwell
Birth 5 July 1854 42 39 VA, USA
Death 5 March 1943 ‎(Age 88)‎ Paxton, Ford Co., IL, USA

Marriage: 11 February 1875 -- Bloomington, McLean Co., IL, USA
2 years
Arthur Ray Benjamin
Birth 15 June 1877 25 22 Ludlow, Ford Co., IL, USA
Death 1969 ‎(Age 91)‎
5 years
Rinnie Mabel Benjamin
Birth 30 January 1882 30 27 Champaign Co., IL, USA
Death 1953 ‎(Age 70)‎
9 years
Walter L. Benjamin
Birth 14 August 1890 38 36 Ford Co., IL, USA
Death Date Unknown