• Sarah ‎(unknown)‎
1637 Virginia Land Patent
• Sarah ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I10678)‎
Given Names: Sarah

Given Names: Sara

Gender: FemaleFemale

Given Names: Hanah
Show Details Note: From 1637 VA Land Patent, Book 1 p. 460.

May have been mistranscription of Sarah.

Birth: 1614
Death: after 1659 ‎(Age 45)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1614
Marriage • Robert Rockwell - 1633 ‎(Age 19)‎
Death after 1659 ‎(Age 45)‎
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Immediate Family  (F2533)
• Robert Rockwell
1605 - 1666
Mary Rockwell
1638 - 1650
Robert Rockhold Jr
1634 - 1672
Thomas Rockhold
1636 -
• John Rockhould
1640 - 1698
Ann Rockhold
1640 -


Because Samuel Greniffe, in 1703, left personalty to Sarah Rockhold, James Crouch, and Maurice Baker, it has been inferred that Sarah, wife of Robert Rockhould, was a Greniffe.

However, Sarah wife of Robert would have been nearly 90 years old at that time and it would have been unusual for her to inherit at that age. More likely this was another Sarah Rockhold, possibly a grandaughter, daughter-in-law, or a descendent of Thomas brother of Robert.

Source: The Rockholds of Early Maryland
Publication: Maryland Historical Magazine, The Maryland Historical Society. Vol. 32 No. 4 December, 1937.

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Virginia Land Patent
Citation Details:  1637

The Rockholds of Early Maryland
Publication: Maryland Historical Magazine, The Maryland Historical Society. Vol. 32 No. 4 December, 1937.

The DORSEY FAMILY Descendents of Edward Darcy-Dorsey of Virginia and Maryland For Five Generations and Allied Families
Publication: 1947 Manuscript available on Heritage Quest
Citation Details:  p. 200

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Multimedia Object
1637 Virginia Land Patent1637 Virginia Land Patent  ‎(M80)‎
Type: Document

Show Details Note: To all whom these presents shall come, I, Sir John Harvey,
Knight Governor Esq. sends gr. whereas. Now Know yee
that I, the said Sir John Harvey Kt dos with the consent
of the Council of State accordingly, give and grant
unto Robert Rockwell two hundred and fiftie acres of
land scituate lying and being in the Upper Countie of the New
Norfolk in Nansamund river butting upon the land of
Edward Major and bounded by the salers Creeke that
land of the said Edward Major is bounded by, the said
two hundred and fiftie acres of land being deed unto
him the said Robert Rockwell as followeth ‎(bist)‎ fiftie
acres for his own psonall Asnonssnus and two hundred
acres by and for the transportation of his wife Hanah
two Children and one servant into the Colony whose names
are mentioned under this pattent to have and to hold
etc Dated the 19th of August 1637 Btanalys

Robert Rockwell Hanah Rockwell,ux Mary Rockwell
Thomasin Rockwell Mary Hayes

Va Land Patents, Book 1, p. 460

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Close Relatives
Family with • Robert Rockwell
• Robert Rockwell
Birth about 1605 possibly Germany or Netherlands, not Delft
Death before 30 July 1666 ‎(Age 61)‎ Calvert Co., MD
9 years

• Sarah ‎(unknown)‎
Birth 1614
Death after 1659 ‎(Age 45)‎

Marriage: 1633
5 years
Mary Rockwell
Birth before 1638 33 24 Europe?
Death before 1650 ‎(Age 12)‎
-4 years
Robert Rockhold Jr
Birth 1634 29 20 poss. VA
Death after 1672 ‎(Age 38)‎
2 years
Thomas Rockhold
Birth 1636 31 22 New Norfolk Co., VA
Death Age: unknown
4 years
• John Rockhould
Birth 1640 35 26 Lower Norfolk Co., VA
Death 1698 ‎(Age 58)‎
Ann Rockhold
Birth 1640 35 26 Lower Norfolk Co., VA