• Edward Winn  ‎(I2147483777)‎
Given Names: Edward
Surname: Winn

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1599 England
Death: 5 September 1682 ‎(Age 83)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1599 England

Marriage • Joanna ‎(unknown)‎ - about 1625 ‎(Age 26)‎ England

Death 5 September 1682 ‎(Age 83)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Immediate Family  (F2147483687)
• Joanna ‎(unknown)‎
1606 - 1649
• Ann Winn
1626 - 1682
Elizabeth Winn
1626 - 1695
Joseph Winn
1630 - 1715
Increase Winn
1641 - 1690


EDWARD' WINN, the ancestor of the Winns of New England
extraction. Of his ancestry in Wales or England we have no
definite account. There is mentioned in Burke's Commrs., II:
EDWARDWYNNE,of Thornton Curtis. Lincoln co., Eng., m.
a daughter of Rowland and . ‎(Hayward)‎ Berkeley of
Worcester, Eng. ‎(Rowland Berkeley d. 16n, m. 1574, a Hayward.
One of his sons was the noted Judge Robert Berkeley)‎.
The surname Winn, Wynne, is still plenteous in Great
EDWARD!WINN evidently came from England to America,
bringing his wife, Joanna ‎(called, also, Jane by Savage)‎, and
children, Ann, Elizabeth, and Joseph. It is conjectured that
he was a master builder, and that he came from Ipswich, Eng.,
or vicinity, and that Moses! Cleveland was his apprentice and
accompanied him thither. The first mention found of his name
is when he appears at the house of Mr. Thomas Graves in
Charlestown, as one of the Commissioners, at their first meeting,
'Dec. 18, 1640, held for consulting on the affairs of the contemplated
town of Woburn.
From the History of Woburn, by Samuel Sewall, 52Q-'fown Orders for Woburn,
agreed upon by the Commissioners at their first meeting, Dec. 18, 1640:
It is required that aU persons admitted to be Inhabitance shall subscribe to these
Orders, upon which Condistion, they are admitted.
First Order for Sixpence an Acre. For carrying- on Common Charges, all such persons
as shall be thought meet to have land and admittance for Inhabitance, shall pay for
every Acre of land formerly laid out by Charlestowne but now in the limits of Woburne,
six pence. Second Order: to return their lots if not improved in 15 months. Third Order:
about fencing-. Fourth Order about inmates. Fifth Order: about timber.
These persons subscribed to these Orders:
Edward Johnson John Wrig-ht John Carter
Edward Conuars MichaIl Bacon Tames Conuars
John Mousall John Seers banill Bacon
Ezekill Richison John Wyman EDWARD WINNE
SamuweIl Richison Frances Wyman Henry Bolden
Thomas Richison Mr. Thomas Graves Frances KendaIl
William Lernedt Nicholas Davis John Teed ‎[Tidd]‎
James Thomson Nicholas Treerice Henry Tottingham
Richard Lowden
Will. Greene
Benjamen Butterfield
Henry J efts
ames Parker
ohn Russell
ams Britten
Thomas FuIler.
Edward! Winn was one of the original planters of Woburn.
Feb. 8, 1640-1, the commissioners came from Charlestown to
find a location. After two days' search, they pitched upon a
spot, unquestionably on Aberjona River, over which, Feb. 10,
1640-1, they built a bridge near the house of Edward Converso
To this spot they came, in March and May following, and laid
out house lots, and buildings were doubtless erected during
the year. .
The first born child .entered in the records of Woburn: Increas,
son of Edward Winn, born ‎(5th)‎ of 10th mo: 1641.
Edward1 Winn was made a freeman May 10, 1643; and
taxed in Woburn in the rate for the country, Sept. 8, 1645, and
in the subsequent rates. He was one of the leading men in
town affairs, and chosen a town officer, a Survayor for Sale,
1658-9, Selectman, 1669. Signature of EDWARDWINN, a subscribing
witness, Apr. 10, 1653, to deed of George Polle to John
Lakin of Groton, land at Woborne, some of it lying on land of
Moses Cleaveland. This. deed in N. E. His. Gtn. Reg, XL V: 82.
-See under +1.
Woburn Town Rec., II: I5j'-The Relectmen 5: 5th mo, 168:>,appointed John ~eirs
to oversee these persons and families: William Crane, Samuel Convars. Thomas Pierce,
Jr., EDWARD WINNE, INCREAS WINNE. Henry Sumers, Thomas Leffingwell, William
Croone. ‎[Above adjoined Hungry Plain district, where Moses Cleveland lived.]‎ .:'
Edward1 Winn, in his will, maue May 6, 1682, names his son
Increase; his son Joseph'R daughter, Sarah; the 3 youngest ch.
of his da. Ann, wife of Moses Cleaveland, and the 3 youngest
ch. of his da. Elizabeth, w. of George Polly.
Se1‎(alt's Woburn contains frequent mention of Edward "Vinn,
and of descendants in civil or military offices, etc., also Genealogical
Notices of the family, 649-5 I. There is a 'VINN STREET
in Woburn.
Bee/-A Sarah Beel was adm. church Charlestown ~o (9)‎,1642. -
His widow, Ann or Hannah Winn, made her will Sept. 9, 1685, proved Nov. 1, 1686.
She m. 1st ‎[prob. in Eng.]‎, William Page, b. Eng., of Watertown, d. Feb. 19, 1665, prob.
s. of John ‎(of Watertown)‎ and Phebe ‎(Paine)‎. She m. 2d, as 2d w., Nicholas Wood, he
d. Medfield, Mass., Feb. 7, 1670. Ch. bv 1st m.: John Page, b. Sept. 7, 1642, d. y. 2d m.:
S. P. Nicholas Wood dwelt Braintree: freeman June 2, 1641, Dorchester 1640-54, Roxb.,
Medfield, 1652, was of ample est., he m. 1St. Braintree, Mary Williams, b. Eng., prob.
Norwich, Norfolk co., 1632, of Roxb., d. Medf. Feb. 19, 1663, a da. Robert and Elizabetli.
‎(prob. Stratton)‎. Ch.: Mary Wood, b. Dec. 25, 1642, Braint., m. John Thurston; Saran'
Wood, b. Dec. 25,1642,8., m. Oct. 4,1660, Dea. Thomas Bass of B.; Hannah Wood, b. B.,
m. N ov. 26, 1665, John Harding i J onathan Wood, b~'J an. 3, 1652, Mt:d f., killed by Indians,
Feb. 21, 1676; Mehitable Wood, b. July 22,1655, M., m. Oct. 17. 1671, Joseph Morse; Abigail
Wood, b. Sept. 13, 1657, M.; Bethia Wood, July 28,1660; Eleazer Wood, Mar. 14, 1662.

Edward Winn was hired as a servant and carpenter in Broughton, England by Barnabas Davis sometime about 1637, along with another unnamed carpenter now known to be <a href=individual.php?pid=I71201830>Moses Cleveland</a>. They were brought to London and were intended to accompany Davis to New England, who had been in turn hired by William Woodcock to attend to business affairs. In a change of plans involving non-payment of monies due to Davis, and possibly the death of William Woodcock, the servant-carpenters were turned over to one Roger Hogge. Subsequently William Woodcock's brother John Woodcock re-hired Davis and his carpenters who sailed to New England about 1639, accompanied by Davis' wife and children and Edward Winn's wife Joanna and their three children.

It is sometimes suggested that Edward was a son of Edmund Wynne of Lincolnshire, England. This is unlikely because Edward Winn is thought to be of Ipswich, Suffolk and sources regarding Edmund Wynne make no mention of a son Edward.

In 1640 Edward Winne was one of the original Proprietors of Woburn, Massachusetts. His child Increase was the first child recorded born in that town ‎(1641)‎. Edward was made Freeman in 1643. He was a town officer, a surveyor, and a selectman in Woburn.

Edward's wife Joanna died in Woburn in 1649. Edward Winn married again twice but had no further children. He died in Woburn in 1682 survived by his third wife Hannah.

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Close Relatives
Family with • Joanna ‎(unknown)‎
• Edward Winn
Birth about 1599 England
Death 5 September 1682 ‎(Age 83)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony
7 years
• Joanna ‎(unknown)‎
Birth about 1606 England
Death 8 March 1649 ‎(Age 43)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony

Marriage: about 1625 -- England
2 years
• Ann Winn
Birth 26 September 1626 27 20 England
Death before 6 May 1682 ‎(Age 55)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony
-9 months
Elizabeth Winn
Birth about 1626 27 20 England
Death 2 May 1695 ‎(Age 69)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Province of Massachusetts
4 years
Joseph Winn
Birth between 1630 and 1639 31 24 England
Death 2 February 1715 ‎(Age 85)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Province of Massachusetts
12 years
Increase Winn
Birth 5 December 1641 42 35 Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony
Death 14 December 1690 ‎(Age 49)‎ Woburn, Middlesex Co., Province of Massachusetts