• Joseph John Parker
Joseph John Parker
• Joseph John Parker  ‎(I563414422)‎
Given Names: Joseph John
Surname: Parker

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 3 February 1809 England
Death: 17 October 1872 ‎(Age 63)‎ Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, USA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 3 February 1809 England

Marriage • Harriet Slone - 23 June 1833 ‎(Age 24)‎ Manchester Collegiate Church, Lancashire, England

Residence 22 May 1838 ‎(Age 29)‎ Nettleton, Linconshire, England

Occupation 22 May 1838 ‎(Age 29)‎ Labourer Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England

Occupation 1870 ‎(Age 60)‎ Painter

Death 17 October 1872 ‎(Age 63)‎ Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, USA

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Immediate Family  (F524898117)
• Harriet Slone
1815 - 1889
Edwin Stone Parker
1835 -
John Parker
1838 -
• Emma Arvilla Parker
1841 - 1914
Mary Anna Parker
1848 -
Lucinda Parker
1860 - 1936


Searching parish registers in England at freereg.org.uk for a marriage of James or Joseph Parker to Harriet Slone/Sloan leads to no matches. The only matches to a Harriet of any surname are:

­http­://­www­.­freereg­.­org­.­uk­/­cgi­/­SearchResults­.­pl­?­RecordType­=­Marriages­&­RecordID­=­724549­ ‎(Harriet Hannah, 1839)‎

­http­://­www­.­freereg­.­org­.­uk­/­cgi­/­SearchResults­.­pl­?­RecordType­=­Marriages­&­RecordID­=­2212769­ ‎(Harriet Whyan, 1833)‎

freereg.org.uk has the following baptisms in 1809, none of which closely match the birthdate of Joseph/James Parker:

James Parker, Petersfield, Hampshire, s. James and Priscilla

Joseph Parker, Northwood, Isle of Wight, s. Robert and Jane

Joseph Parker, Fawkham, Kent, s. John and Charlotte

James Parker, Bottesford, Leicestershire, s. Anthony and Anne

Joseph Parker, Barwell, Leicestershire, s. John and Sophia

Joseph Parker, Bassingthorpe, Lincolnshire, s. William and Elizabeth

James Parker, Downham Market, Norfolk, s. William and Hannah

Joseph Wright Parker, Frettenham, Norfolk, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth Lowers

James Parker, Wymondham, Norfolk, s. John and Rebecca Tipple

James Parker, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, s. Samuel and Elizabeth

Joseph Parker, Merriott, Somerset, s. Thomas and Elizabeth

James Parker, South Stoke, Somerset, s. Thomas and Maria

James Parker, High Ham, Somerset. s. Samuel and Johanna

James Parker, Wednesbury, Staffordshire s. Thomas and Fanny Parker

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1870 OH Census
Citation Details:  p. 20 Norwalk Township, Huron County

The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, Vol. II
Publication: Printed for the Subscribers, Hartford, 1899
Citation Details:  p. 1947

U.K. Parish Register Information
Citation Details:  ­http­://­www­.­freereg­.­org­.­uk­/­cgi­/­SearchResults­.­pl­?­RecordType­=­Marriages­&­RecordID­=­602327­

1860 OH Census
Citation Details:  Norwalk, Huron Co.

Cemetery Marker
Citation Details:  Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, OH, USA

Citation Details:  "England Marriages, 1538–1973 ," index, FamilySearch ‎(­https­://­familysearch­.­org­/­pal­:/­MM9­.­1­.­1­/­NF8R­­­DL6­ : accessed 28 Oct 2013)‎

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Multimedia Object
Joseph John ParkerJoseph John Parker  ‎(M518)‎
Type: Photo

Multimedia Object
Joseph Parker MarkerJoseph Parker Marker  ‎(M435)‎
Type: Photo

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Close Relatives
Family with • Harriet Slone
• Joseph John Parker
Birth 3 February 1809 England
Death 17 October 1872 ‎(Age 63)‎ Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, USA
6 years
• Harriet Slone
Birth 1 June 1815 38 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death 27 December 1889 ‎(Age 74)‎ Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, USA

Marriage: 23 June 1833 -- Manchester Collegiate Church, Lancashire, England
2 years
Edwin Stone Parker
Baptism 18 October 1835 Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death Age: unknown
2 years
John Parker
Birth about 1838 28 22 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death Date Unknown
3 years
• Emma Arvilla Parker
Birth 28 March 1841 32 25 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death 28 March 1914 ‎(Age 73)‎ Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, USA
7 years
Mary Anna Parker
Birth May 1848 39 32 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Burial Weslaco Cemetery, Weslaco, TX, USA
12 years
Lucinda Parker
Birth April 1860 51 44 OH, USA
Death 1936 ‎(Age 75)‎